A Necessary Change

Hey you guys!! How are things going with you? I hope extremely well. Life has recently taken a couple bumps and turns but all in a good direction. Now only did I just turn 30 years old, but I also made a big change in my career. For the past 6 1/2 years, I spent my time on Patrol. 3 1/2 years on Patrol and 3 years as an NRO which is under the Patrol umbrella. I loved my time in both positions because in the city where I work, there is ALWAYS something going on. There was tons of fun times and lots of community relationships formed, however, I was eventually left feeling like I wanted to do more.

So, I heard that there was an opening for the position as an SRO (School Resource Officer) and I decided to put it for it. A lot of times when you’re working in the patrol atmosphere, yes, you do get to meet different people and there’s the possibility of building relationships but with high call volumes and staffing issues, its hard to do those things where you get to see growth and development. As an SRO, you get to be in those schools and basically go day to day with those kids and actually see them grow and blossom into productive adults. That is what I want to be apart of. I also think that helping children form a more positive view towards police is extremely important. Police officers are there to protect and serve the communities and also be a role model to those who have no positive role models in their lives.

I take my duties as a police officer very seriously because I believe that this has been my personal mission given to me by God. I’ve made some GREAT relationships over the years and there is nothing better than someone coming up to you in the grocery store telling you how you changed their life. Its awesome! This job can be very rewarding and its such a great platform to make the most out of your career.

I am so excited about this new path in my career and I cant wait to meet the students and staff. This is going to be a great school year! I can feel it already! Be safe guys and God Bless. xoxo

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