Carnival Caribbean Cruise Try-on Haul

Did anyone order a Caribbean getaway? I did!! We are 4 months away from spending a week in Puerto Rico and touring 5 different islands. I have always heard and seen my friends, co-workers, and family going on cruises and talking about how great they are but for some reason I’ve always put it off. Always putting it off because something else needed to be done or taken care of. Well not this year baby!!! I called up my aunt, who is a Travel Agent, and told her that I wanted to book a cruise for Caden and I . Shortly after, she called me back to let me know that she found the perfect cruise that I couldn’t refuse. An absolute “bang for your buck” type situation. A 7 day cruise including visiting 5 different islands. The islands include:

  • St. Thomas
  • St. Marteen
  • St. Kitts
  • St. Lucia
  • Barbados

I don’t know about you, but I totally had to jump on that offer. So once we got the details of the cruise and the flights squared away, there was still one lingering problem. What am I going to wear!!???? I’ve never been on a cruise before so I am oblivious to the DO’s and DONT’s of cruise ship attire. After consulting with my Googles, I decided to start pulling some pieces together. I ran down to my nearest H&M and put a few pieces together for consideration.

Since were going to the Caribbean, I wanted to incorporate fun colors and tropical vibes. Clothing that will be comfortable but cute. While searching the racks at H&M, I came across some very cute pieces that would be great for touring the islands.

This outfit had my name written all over it! I loved fit of the crop top and i loved how comfortable the shorts were. I tried on a size 7 (I’m normally size 5) for a cute baggy look. The fit was so nice!

Matching sets are totally in right now so when i saw this i fell in love. The top was a silk like material (very comfy) and the bottoms were very nice as well. I added a little twist to the top by tying it into a cute little knot.

Bikinis & Martinis

OK!! There is absolutely no way one can go to Barbados, or any island for that matter, and not slay a swimsuit. Rather you’re going to be sunbathing or enjoying the beautiful waves, you have to be flawless!! Period!!

Red is always a good color to add to your vacation wardrobe! This spicy 1-piece will certainly turn up the heat !!

Cheetah print will always be a statement piece. You can pair either of these with a cute cover up and a nice hat or you can turn the 1-piece into a whole outfit paired with shorts, sandals and shades!

Are you team 1-piece or are you more of a 2-piece type of girl? Both styles has a place in my suitcase! I hope you enjoyed this try-on haul! Check out H&M for yourselves and see if they have anything that you like. Maybe you’ll see one of the pieces from this try-on! Happy Shopping:) xoxo

Honorable Mentions Courtesy of Apricot Lane Charleston

While shopping at Apricot Lane, I found a few cute pieces that would be perfect for touring the islands, dinner events and/or dancing!! What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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