Home Decor Shopping On A Budget

Shopping is by far my favorite past time, but decorating a blank canvas that you own is even more exciting!!! From painting, colors schemes and furniture to wall decor and lighting fixtures..the options are endless. Those options can also add up very quickly if you’re not careful. Lets dive into how I shopped for home decor without breaking the bank.

Whats Your Style?

I knew early on what style I wanted for my house. That made the shopping process less painful because I already had a certain aesthetic in mind. It also kept me from being consumed by everything Pinterest threw at me! Another good thing that helped me was that my home had been newly renovated, so I already had a template to work with.

I was falling in love with the modern decor look but I wanted to add a touch of glam to it. Had to throw some glitter on it! My color palette was going to consist of whites, pinks, golds and rose golds. These colors, for me, created the perfect bright and cozy atmosphere that I desired.

My first project was my dining room. From scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, I found this glass marble table for a steal of $80!!! You would be surprised at what people get rid of when their in a pinch. The gold chargers, placemats and glasses were purchased at Walmart, alll under $25!! Bougie on a budget for sure!

This cute little gold bar cart was purchased from Amazon for $50! The items on them were random purchases from here and there.

This 3 piece Gold World Map was found at Walmart for less than $50. It was love at first sight! Who says you can’t decorate your whole house from Walmart!?

Before the Wayfair scandal broke the news, I had purchased this beautiful ivory tufted ottoman from an open box sale that they had on their website. It was priced at $80. At the moment, I am decorating it with blankets and pillows. That may change in the future. The pictured frame of Audrey Hepburn was found at a local Ross.

Last but not least, this gold mirrored tray along with the collective pieces were found at my local HomeGoods store. My first time shopping there has turned into a routine weekly trip now and I am not ashamed. HomeGoods has an abundance of great home decor for REASONABLE prices that you just cant beat.

I was able to save so much money by keeping some of my old furniture and decorating around it with new items. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy the whole store in one day…unless you’re impatient like me and you have to see the entire picture come to life immediately!! Other than that, take your time and buy a few pieces here and there. There’s no rush.

Be blessed an stay safe. xoxo

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