The Rate Just Went Up!!

Remember when you were a child and your parents told you that you could be whatever you wanted to be? Did they mean all the things at once? LOL!! I guess I took that quite literally and added another title to the resume…

So, for my 31st birthday, instead of having a party or going out and getting crazy, I officially launched my online boutique!! This had been a 3 month project that was undergoing immense planning all going on in the background of my daily life. I continued with my day to day activities, not letting on of the conception that was getting ready to come to life. Of course, my close friends knew but other than that, this thing was locked down! Finally, the day came and LewksbyFashionPolice843 was revealed to the world.

Finally something made from my passion, devotion and drive was sitting in front of me and I was absolutely over the moon about it! After getting my licenses in my hand, I realized that I had done it..that I was a legit business owner. WOW!!

Why I Started My Business?

Some people may be thinking, “why would you start a business in the middle of a pandemic?” I can understand how some may not understand the logic, however, I felt like there was no better time than RIGHT NOW!!

Being a fashion blogger, I was already trying on clothes and promoting other peoples brands and begging for a seat at the table until one day I thought, “screw this..I’m building my own table!!” The moment I decided to do it, I knew that I was making the right decision. Taking something that I loved doing (and was already doing anyway), investing in it and branding it was absolute genius.

Fashion to me is ones way of expressing themselves through fabrics, colors and cuts. This is your avenue to be unique and set yourself apart from the crowd, leaving people with a special memory of you. You stood out. You were different and you looked beautiful.

How Did I Start?

Once I knew that I wanted to start my own business, I started looking into what I needed to successfully run the business. Number 1 on the list was inventory. After researching for a few days, I had finally found a few vendors that not only delivered quality products but also fast shipping. Finding a reliable, trustworthy vendor is essential because inventory is the heartbeat of any business. If you have products that are cheaply made along with vendors that cant deliver on time, you are in serious trouble girl!

Then, I went on to prepare my website, which was made super simple with Shopify. After navigating the site and setting up things in the background, the fun began!!! Pictures!!

As I mentioned before, I was already in the business of wearing and taking pictures for other brands so I felt no hesitation to model my own brand! It would only make sense. Making sure to produce quality photos that not only showed the colors and fabrics of the pieces but also slaying a pose at the same time.

Describe LewksbyFashionPolice843

The creation of the name of my boutique was just an extension of what I had already built. My brand collaborated with my profession and my passion birthed what you see today. The mission of my boutique is to provide classy affordable fashion for the woman who has a little fashionista living on the inside and isn’t afraid to let her out!! We cover your shipping costs because…who wants to pay for shipping? uhh NO ONE!! We also provide a 10% discount to First Responder’s because we love and support them of course!

How You Can Shop

LewksbyFashionPolice843 is all over (we want it that way;) ) social media but we also have a website for your shopping convenience. You can shop via the site at where there is free shipping on all orders/$5.99 for orders shipped overseas. You can also find us via Instagram @lewksbyfashionpolice_843 .

Why Wait?

Before I leave you guys, I want to leave you with this. Whatever it is that you want to do in life..whatever dream you have that you want to make a reality, JUST DO IT!! Don’t fear, family or friends deter you from your dreams. Obviously it wont always be easy and yes you will mess up but DON’T give up!! Every day is a learning process but just stay consistent and do the work. You got this!!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me and as always, Stay Safe and Be Blessed! xoxo

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