My Natural Hair J0urney

Hey guys!!!So, I recently posted a picture of a style that I tried on my natural hair and the response was overwhelmingly awesome!! It sparked an idea in my mind that it would probably be a good idea to introduce you all to my hair journey, products, my routine, and styles that I have used thus far. I hope that you find this information fun, informative and useful. Enjoy.

In the beginning

In March 2015, I began my natural hair journey. As a child, I had always had long thick hair that when washed, would poof out to what could be compared to a Jackson 5 afro. In middle school I got my first relaxer ever due to my mom not being able to handle my hair any longer. Now, being a teenager with freshly relaxed hair, you couldn’t tell me anything!! Lol, I was straightening my hair everyday, never deep conditioning it and I didn’t know that stretching relaxers was a thing. I vaguely remember wasting a relaxer out with Dawn dish soap once!! Yes, a total disaster!!

My hair was constantly breaking off and it seemed like it was stuck at shoulder length. It wasn’t healthy at all. Being young and ignorant to the health of my hair, I continued to straighten it everyday as it continued to fall out. As I got older and found YouTube, i began to learn about my hair in its natural state and how to care for it. That prompted my first big chop.

Big Chop #1 was unsuccessful because i was doing too much at one time. I was bleaching and coloring my hair as well as straightening it.

In 2016, I got a tapered cut which would allow the majority of my hair to grow back in a cute funky way. While on this new hair journey, i learned that more is less on your natural hair journey. Its very important to form a regimen and stick to it. Your hair, just like any growing thing, needs consistency.

The Basics

Putting a regimen together for your hair can be stressful if you don’t know what to look for. Below, we will go over a few tips that can get you started on a routine personalized for your hair.

  • Analyze your hair- You need to know what type of hair you have, what products is good for your hair and what your hair porosity levels are. Porosity is your hairs ability to absorb moisture through the strands.

  • What is your hair type- hair types range from bone straight to super kinky. Knowing your hair type will help when it comes to buying styling tools AND products. What works for 4c hair, may not work for someone with 3c-4a hair.

  • Cleanse- Having clean hair and a clean scalp is essential for hair growth. When it comes to cleansers, they’re many options on the market. I would probably rotate between a good cleansing shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo. They also make conditioners (cowash) that cleanse your hair.

  • Conditioner- Conditioners are great for natural hair because it makes detangling a breeze. A good detangling conditioner that wont break the bank is VO5 ($1 WOW) !!! It had great slip and is super cost effective.

  • Deep Conditioner- Ok guys!! This is where you can splurge!!! Your deep conditioner (IMO) is the most important product in a naturals hair routine. You should be deep conditioning a minimum of once a week. Deep conditioning allows moisture and nutrients to be pushed back into the hair. Applying heat will maximize the effects to your deep conditioner because the heat will open your hair shaft allowing a deeper penetration.

  • Leave In Conditioner- Unlike a regular conditioner that you rinse out, this product is one that will remain in the hair. This acts as the primer for your styler.

  • Oil/Butter- Using an oil or butter (depending on hair type) will help seal in everything you just applied. You may have heard the method LCO or LOC method. This is where you apply your liquid,oil and cream or vice versa. This method has become popular in the natural hair community due to its ability to seal in moisture.

  • Styler- Your style is only as good as your styler! Dependent on your hair type (see why its important!), picking a styler will determine how good your style comes out . For example, I have 4a hair type so I found that gels and jellies work better for my hair.


Over the years I have developed a concrete routine for my hair and I can truly say my hair has flourished. Consistency is key! Our hair is very versatile and when you take good care of your hair, your options are limitless. Yes, natural hair can be straightened, however, keep in mind that heat can cause damage. Excessive heat can cause heat damage to your hair which results in stringy lifeless curls similar to Ramen noodles…not cute at all!! If you do decide to have your hair pressed make sure you are going to a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure to use a good deep conditioner and a good heat protectant.

I Got Hang Time!!!

April 2019, I got my FIRST silk press!! I was in desperate need of a trim so I went for it. The stylist was very educated with heat styling natural hair so I knew I was in good hands. Because it was my first time, the ends of my hair went poofy literally the next day !!! Instead of applying more heat, I decided to wear my hair in buns and ponytails which were nice and full! It was great!!

Summer Isnt my Friend!

Living in the South, the humidity is noooo joke!! My hair could be fine one moment and the next… POOF…literally! Usually summer time consists of wash and gos or braids for me but this year I decided to try something new.

I was roaming the YouTube streets one day when I came across mini twists. I loved how easy and carefree they were but was skeptical about how much time it would take. One night I found a couple of movies on Netflix and went for it.

2 1/2 hours later I was done!! I loved it! With mini twists, you have so many options when it comes to styling. I am looking forward to incorporating this style into my hair journey.

In Closing

I hope you guys found this helpful and will be able to use these tips on your hair journey. Remember, all hair isn’t alike and its important to find products for YOUR hair. Also, building a routine that you wont consistently use will do you no good. Be consistent. Thank you for reading and Happy Hair Days!! xoxo