Separating The Person from The Profession

As you guys know by now, I wear many hats. I have always been one to stay busy and kind of have my hand in a bit of everything. Its in my nature. With that being said, my career sits at the forefront of my existence due to the weight that this job holds. Being a police officer comes with automatic perceptions and stereotypes and I’ve spent years trying not to let those views define who I am as a person.

7 1/2 years of being a police officer, I have seen many different reactions from people after they had learned about my profession. It goes without saying that subconsciously they had already formed a perception of who they thought I was and what I stood for. As a society, our lifestyle and careers acts as a nonverbal statement of who we are. Often times individuals are judged by where they work, what they drive and the social circles that they frequent. Is it fair to judge people based on exterior characteristics instead of getting to know them as a person first?

Being a victim of this for the past 7 1/2 years, I know that outcast feeling all too well. Everyday I strive to not have the ‘Us vs Them” mentality but sometimes it is hard because the people who don’t do what we do have the most to say about what we do, lacking the empathy or understanding of the profession.

Can you separate the person from the profession? Can you look at them for who they are inside and out instead of the career they chose?

This message wasn’t to beat up on anyone or to point fingers, but rather to challenge you to be better. Form your own opinions and views based on YOUR own experiences dealing with people individually. Don’t take someone else’s story or what the media spins because those are all based on their own perceptions. Form your own and learn to give everyone an individual chance. I’ve met wealthy businessmen who were rude and arrogant and I’ve met homeless people who would give you their last dollar. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

When you judge people, you have no time to love them”

– Mother Teresa

A Little Reminder

This was inspired by the thoughts running through my head as I scrolled through the highlight reel that is Instagram. It is very easy for an individual to feel less about themselves or feel the need to compare themselves to others when they’re constantly looking at the perfect moments of someone elses life. I am not beyond reproach to say that I’ve never scrolled past a picture and thought ” what does she have that I don’t have?” We’re human!! As humans we will have moments where experience…dare I say..envy!!! As dreadful as it sounds, its normal.

So what did I do? I unplugged and went for a walk. The beautiful thing about my neighborhood is that it has beautiful little trails that surround the ponds. Makes for a really nice moment to take in Gods creation. As I walked and got lost in my thoughts.. a voice came to me. The voice asked “do you need a reminder?” It then dawned on me that I needed a reminder of how blessed and favored I am. I needed to be reminded of how good the Lord has been to me. You see, every time we compare ourselves to others and become ungrateful for what we have, its like a slap to Gods face. God has blessed us with life, health, love and prosperity but we lose sight of that in the seconds of a scroll. Picture this. Your child asks for a toy in which you finally give in and buy the toy. Once the child has the toy, they start talking about how much they would love this other new toy!! How insulting right!? You think to yourself how ungrateful this kid is. Well..are we not that ungrateful kid sometimes?

With all of that being said, I just wanted to come by and remind you of just how blessed and amazing you are. God made no mistake with you and He has you right where he needs you. When you find yourselves focusing on someone else’s life, look around YOU and look at your blessings. We all have different paths for different reasons. We are all here to inspire and encourage others with our very unique and personal stories. A good rule of thumb is to remember that (1) you don’t know what that person had to do to get to where they are and (2) is what their showing even real? In the age of social media lies tons of smoking mirrors. Instead of getting caught up in the highlight reel, press pause every now and then and remember how great God made you. Just a little reminder.

Take a moment to remind yourself. As always, stay safe and be blessed. xoxo

Lets Talk Botox Baby (and Filler) !!!

Have you ever seen someone with skin so flawless, you wonder if God himself does their skincare routine? We all know someone whose skin is just perfect. Not a wrinkle or crease in sight. Could it be that they have mastered the RBF and moisturizes 10x a day or could it be something more?

As we know, skin is the largest organ on our body. It protects us from the many elements that we face on a day to day basis. Every time we step out of the comforts of our homes, our skin takes a beating. Outside elements such as excessive sun exposure and free radicals are damaging to the skin but what about the things within?

Alcohol Isn’t Your Friend

We all love a good drink every now and again especially during those hot summers days or those nights out on the town. There isn’t anything wrong with a margarita every now and then but drink at your own risk!!! Alcohol not only dehydrates your entire body but it also dehydrates your skin. Dehydrated skin will age MUCH quicker than skin that is properly moisturized and nourished.

Drop That Cigarette!!

I think this goes without saying….cigarettes are gross!! Aside from giving you bad breath and making your clothes smell, it also wrecks havoc on your skin!! Did you know that smoking cigarettes restricts your blood vessels from getting oxygen which means your skin is now getting less oxygen and nutrients. This is a recipe for sagging skin and wrinkles!! No thanks!!

Stop Moving Your Face

Speaking from someone who is very full of expression, I have noticed the results over the years of the constant squinting and frowning. Those constant muscle movements you make everyday can lead to skin damage. Deep wrinkles and lines can become permanent and for some, quite unsightly. Maybe the infamous Resting Bit** Face wasn’t so bad after all.

Turning Back The Clock

My skin type could be best described as Oily/Normal and not Acne Prone. I have a very good consistent routine of double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and of course SPF!! I wash my bedding and pillowcases once a week and I don’t sleep with my makeup on. With all of that being said, I still managed to fall into the crisis of having deep set lines in my forehead and some rather noticeable smile lines.

So, one day after assessing my skin and areas of concern, I decided to dabble in the waters of Botox and Filler. After making the decision to commit, I made an appointment with my Medispa and went in for my consultation.

Below, you can see during my consult where we assessed how deep and significant those glabella lines had gotten over the years.

What is Botox? What Is Filler?

Botox is a drug produced by the toxin bacterium Botulinum. Botox works by blocking nerve signals to certain muscles which will result in the muscle becoming more relaxed resulting in a smoother appearance. Like a real life filter!!

Botox is great for the forehead and when given in smalls doses, results in a very natural look. Botox can also be used in a variety of other ways such as :

  • TMJ
  • Severe underarm sweating
  • chronic migraines
  • to decrease the size of the massater muscle (the muscles used to chew with)

While Botox freezes, Filler plumps and fills. Fillers are most commonly made from hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is already found in the skin but over time breaks down. A good rule of thumb is “Line of expression need Botulinum. Lines at rest need filler.” Simple enough, right?

Dr. Nadel injecting DeFyne filler into my tear troughs

Another area of concern that was beginning to nag me were those lines that were beginning to form under my eyes. A lifetime of laughter..who knew lol…. So lets get down to the facts!!

What did I Get?

After an assessment, I eventually got 24 units of Botox (Newtoux) and 1 syringe of Defyne Filler.


Totality Medispa on Daniel Island forever has my heart. I go there for everything from skincare products to great facials. The only medispa that I will go to. Dr. Nadel is amazing and the entire staff is so informative and ready to serve you. Check them out if you’re in the Charleston area.


The cost of course will vary depending on where you go and what you need done. The more units you need will obviously increase the cost. For my session, the Botox was $288 and the filler was $659. Filler lasts longer therefore costs more.


I had essentially no pain. Dr. Nadel did use numbing cream which I am forever grateful for. There wasn’t any pain. If i could describe it as something, id call it pressure. I felt a lot of pressure in the areas around my mouth where the skin was thicker. There was no downtime, I was able to go to work immediately afterwards. They do mention to avoid lying down for up to 4 hours after your procedure.

Results immediately after. Swelling and slight bruising is normal and will vary person to person.

Final Thoughts

2 weeks post Botox/Filler and I am very pleased. The full effect took about 7 days to set in. My forehead is absolutely crease-less and I see a more youthful look overall. I still have slight puffiness under my eyes but you can totally see where those under eye lines have been softened and “filled”.

Before you consider getting any of these cosmetic services, keep in mind some of these key points.

  • Botox doesn’t erase wrinkles. As mentioned before, it blocks the signals to certain muscles and with use over time, can relax those muscles more significantly.
  • Botox usually last 3-4 months.
  • Filler can last 6-12 months or longer in some cases.

A little touch up is always necessary and should be done guilt free. Of course, continue to stick to your skincare routines and NEVER forget to use SPF!! I hope you all enjoyed this content and found some helpful information within. Thank you for reading.

Stay safe and Be Blessed. XOXO