Lets Talk Botox Baby (and Filler) !!!

Have you ever seen someone with skin so flawless, you wonder if God himself does their skincare routine? We all know someone whose skin is just perfect. Not a wrinkle or crease in sight. Could it be that they have mastered the RBF and moisturizes 10x a day or could it be something more?

As we know, skin is the largest organ on our body. It protects us from the many elements that we face on a day to day basis. Every time we step out of the comforts of our homes, our skin takes a beating. Outside elements such as excessive sun exposure and free radicals are damaging to the skin but what about the things within?

Alcohol Isn’t Your Friend

We all love a good drink every now and again especially during those hot summers days or those nights out on the town. There isn’t anything wrong with a margarita every now and then but drink at your own risk!!! Alcohol not only dehydrates your entire body but it also dehydrates your skin. Dehydrated skin will age MUCH quicker than skin that is properly moisturized and nourished.

Drop That Cigarette!!

I think this goes without saying….cigarettes are gross!! Aside from giving you bad breath and making your clothes smell, it also wrecks havoc on your skin!! Did you know that smoking cigarettes restricts your blood vessels from getting oxygen which means your skin is now getting less oxygen and nutrients. This is a recipe for sagging skin and wrinkles!! No thanks!!

Stop Moving Your Face

Speaking from someone who is very full of expression, I have noticed the results over the years of the constant squinting and frowning. Those constant muscle movements you make everyday can lead to skin damage. Deep wrinkles and lines can become permanent and for some, quite unsightly. Maybe the infamous Resting Bit** Face wasn’t so bad after all.

Turning Back The Clock

My skin type could be best described as Oily/Normal and not Acne Prone. I have a very good consistent routine of double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and of course SPF!! I wash my bedding and pillowcases once a week and I don’t sleep with my makeup on. With all of that being said, I still managed to fall into the crisis of having deep set lines in my forehead and some rather noticeable smile lines.

So, one day after assessing my skin and areas of concern, I decided to dabble in the waters of Botox and Filler. After making the decision to commit, I made an appointment with my Medispa and went in for my consultation.

Below, you can see during my consult where we assessed how deep and significant those glabella lines had gotten over the years.

What is Botox? What Is Filler?

Botox is a drug produced by the toxin bacterium Botulinum. Botox works by blocking nerve signals to certain muscles which will result in the muscle becoming more relaxed resulting in a smoother appearance. Like a real life filter!!

Botox is great for the forehead and when given in smalls doses, results in a very natural look. Botox can also be used in a variety of other ways such as :

  • TMJ
  • Severe underarm sweating
  • chronic migraines
  • to decrease the size of the massater muscle (the muscles used to chew with)

While Botox freezes, Filler plumps and fills. Fillers are most commonly made from hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is already found in the skin but over time breaks down. A good rule of thumb is “Line of expression need Botulinum. Lines at rest need filler.” Simple enough, right?

Dr. Nadel injecting DeFyne filler into my tear troughs

Another area of concern that was beginning to nag me were those lines that were beginning to form under my eyes. A lifetime of laughter..who knew lol…. So lets get down to the facts!!

What did I Get?

After an assessment, I eventually got 24 units of Botox (Newtoux) and 1 syringe of Defyne Filler.


Totality Medispa on Daniel Island forever has my heart. I go there for everything from skincare products to great facials. The only medispa that I will go to. Dr. Nadel is amazing and the entire staff is so informative and ready to serve you. Check them out if you’re in the Charleston area.


The cost of course will vary depending on where you go and what you need done. The more units you need will obviously increase the cost. For my session, the Botox was $288 and the filler was $659. Filler lasts longer therefore costs more.


I had essentially no pain. Dr. Nadel did use numbing cream which I am forever grateful for. There wasn’t any pain. If i could describe it as something, id call it pressure. I felt a lot of pressure in the areas around my mouth where the skin was thicker. There was no downtime, I was able to go to work immediately afterwards. They do mention to avoid lying down for up to 4 hours after your procedure.

Results immediately after. Swelling and slight bruising is normal and will vary person to person.

Final Thoughts

2 weeks post Botox/Filler and I am very pleased. The full effect took about 7 days to set in. My forehead is absolutely crease-less and I see a more youthful look overall. I still have slight puffiness under my eyes but you can totally see where those under eye lines have been softened and “filled”.

Before you consider getting any of these cosmetic services, keep in mind some of these key points.

  • Botox doesn’t erase wrinkles. As mentioned before, it blocks the signals to certain muscles and with use over time, can relax those muscles more significantly.
  • Botox usually last 3-4 months.
  • Filler can last 6-12 months or longer in some cases.

A little touch up is always necessary and should be done guilt free. Of course, continue to stick to your skincare routines and NEVER forget to use SPF!! I hope you all enjoyed this content and found some helpful information within. Thank you for reading.

Stay safe and Be Blessed. XOXO

Social September!!

Hey guys!!!! Omgoodness!!! Can you believe how fast this year is whizzing by? September is gone and October is here! After my 30th birthday, I began to resonate on how short life is and how quickly time goes by. Do those things you’ve been putting off. Take that vacation. Buy those shoes. Go Dancing. Fall in love. Time isn’t going to wait for you to do those things that you continue to put on the back burner.

September was such a great month (this whole year has been). It was a month of social gatherings and events. I had great opportunities to make new friends and meet other bloggers in the area.

Charleston has such an awesome social scene that I had never really focused on due to work and other priorities. Thank goodness for groups such as @lowcountryladies for hosting monthly events for women to get together and wind down..or turn up!! LOL

Parcel 32; located in King Street, is such a great space to meet for a luncheon or a girls night after getting off work. The upstairs Parlour area is BEAutiful!! IT’s definitely a must see. I cant wait for the next event.

Subtle & Sass

Have you ever wanted to have a shopping experience that was one to remember? An experience where you had your own personal stylist that served food and beverages for you to enjoy while you shop? If your answer is “Yes”, then you must check out Subtle & Sass. An indoor boutique beautifully ran with cute, comfy and trendy fashion in mind.

I, along a few other bloggers got the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot showcasing a few items from the collection. Working with Charleston photographer, Sami Fuentes (@sami.fuentes) was such a great experience. She showed great professionalism, patience and talent. Charleston has so many hidden gems and Subtle & Sass boutique is one of them !

Fitness Can Be Fun!!!

Have you ever started something and halfway through you realize you weren’t ready!? Well, that’s what happened to me when I decided to participate in a Citadel pre-game workout. Hosted by Oblique Magazine and Gunnar_Made, this intense workout was an awesome and fun way to get my cardio in (enough cardio for the year!!!LOL) and a great warm-up to the game that kicked off that evening.

The crew was awesome and the atmosphere was totally judgment free. If you felt like you were falling behind, someone was always there to push you along. If you are into fitness and/or looking for a trainer or fitness events in the Charleston area, I would definitely check out Gunnar_Made on Instagram and Oblique Magazine.

Hustle & Glow

I am always up for an opportunity to get glammed up!! This Hustle & Glow event, hosted by @hoangviton and Oblique Magazine, was such an awesome moment to show up and Glow up!! Upon showing up at the White Room, we were showered with drinks, food, and giveaways. There was even a panel of skincare specialists to educate us about how products work and what type of services they offer. If you are looking for an affordable estheticans, check out Guinot Institut. They are located in Mount Pleasant and soon opening another store in Summerville.

Make Time for You

Having the opportunity to meet some an awesome group of people has made me realize that its OK to take time out for me. Working is fine and dandy but please remember to unwind and relax. Find a local group and go to the social events. Meet new people. Make new friends. Time is short and memories are priceless.

As always guys, thank you for reading, Be safe and God Bless!! xoxo

My Spa Experience

Bonjour everyone!! I hope you are reading this in great spirits. We are approaching the end of a fabulous week and I couldn’t let the week come to a close without a little ME time.

As productive members of society, we spend so much time working. Work, work, work, work!!! And when we’re done working, its time to cook dinner and get the kids to bed! When do we take time out, drop everything and pamper ourselves? Lately, the best way I treat myself is with monthly facials. Total game changer!! When it comes to skincare, I am always trying to be one step ahead. Your skin is everything! Its sort of like a mirror that tells it all. What you put into your body shows through your skin. So, one can imagine how excited I was to get my first facial.

After a recommendation from a friend and a few Google searches, I came across Totality Medispa; located on Daniel Island. What drew me into this place was (1) The awesome reviews that I saw online and (2) how great the person who recommended them skin looked! Her skin was so smooth and glowy, I just wanted the results she had.

So, I booked an appointment and went in. O-M-G! The decor in this place was so chic and welcoming. When I walked through the door I knew that I was in the right place. The booking process was super easy and the staff was friendly. I worked with Brittany and she was soooo sweet and VERY knowledgeable. Not only was she able to assess my skin and suggest products for my skincare needs, she also recommended other services that would suit my skin concerns as well.

This past visit, I was introduced to the Waterfacial. This service is a 3-step process that consists of Cleansing, Exfoliating and Infusing. This service is great for those suffering with acne, hyperpigmentation and even wrinkles. Now that you have an idea of what this service is, lets jump into the process! 🙂


So my main skin concern is that I have hyperpigmentation on the left side of my face. I will admit, whenever I get a pimple, YES, I have to squeeze it!! That is the one thing you never want to do because then you’re left with scarring that then turns into dark spots (from sun exposure) and voila…now you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

So, we began the process by cleansing the skin. Quite obviously, cleansing the skin before going into a routine is essential because you want to remove any lingering oils or makeup. After Brittany cleansed my face, she applied a warm towel to open the pores and wipe the remaining product away from the skin.

After cleansing my skin, we moved on to the next step. During this step, Brittany went over my face with a Hydradermabrasion device. As she went over each section of my face, she began to decongest my skin by using a mild salicylic & glycolic peel. This was pretty cool and felt really tingly as she was doing it.

Step 3 was pretty cool and kinda gross. EXTRACTIONS!!! This process can be done a few ways. Either by hand or by using an extraction tool. Brittany used her hands and that was much better for me personally. During this process, she used her fingers to push on areas of my nose and began to push the gunk out. You could see the white beads coming out of my pores. GROSS….but cool.

After the extraction process, she used the same tool to push antioxidants into my skin. After the cleansing and exfoliating process, your skin can get dried out so they push those healthy antioxidants back into the skin for ultimate hydration.

After completing the hydrating process, she applies a serum to your face to protect and seal the skin. But wait…you’re not done yet. Brittany was so gracious to show me all of the crap that was sucked out my skin. Are you ready!?

This bottle was totally empty when we started. Pretty cool huh!?

After my Waterfacial Service, I was left with glowing hydrated skin. Although some have reported to seeing results after one visit, it is recommended to get monthly services. This is something that I personally will continue to incorporate in my skincare regimen and I will most definitely keep you guys updated on my progress.

These are the products currently used in my skincare routine. The Obagi line can be purchased at Totality Medispa

Au Revoir

I truly hope you enjoyed reading about my spa experience. If you’re ever in the Daniel Island area, check out Totality Medispa and book your appointment for your next pamper session. See you later and God Bless. xoxo